Urban Cooking​


Over $10 billion is spent annually on cooking with charcoal & kerosene in African cities, causing widespread deforestation, carbon emissions, and respiratory disease. 


CleanStar is combining deep consumer insight, systems thinking, and technology development to bring affordable new cooking solutions to urban households at scale.

BoP Retail


Meeting underserved demand for consumer products in frontier markets is a trillion dollar opportunity for retail innovation. 


CleanStar is combining the power of mobile technology, data analytics, and traditional social networks to offer emerging consumers more relevant and affordable products.

Rural Utilities


Reliable & affordable electricity, water and other infrastructure services are essential for sustainable rural development. 


CleanStar is forging new ground in its approach to the development of innovative and scalable rural utilities.

Sustainable Agriculture


Soaring demand for food, feed, fuel and fiber provides an unprecedented opportunity for sustainable rural development in frontier markets. 


CleanStar is exploring new value chains that combine agroforestry production systems with efficient processing, logistics and marketing to empower farmers.